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  Bad Luck! 倒霉

  be (a little) weak in ... 在...差/弱

  be angry with 对...生气

  be badly hurt 受重伤

  be covered by /with 由...覆盖

  be good at boating 擅长划船

  be good or bad for (one's health) 对...有利/害

  be in trouble 处在困境,有麻烦

  be late for ...迟到

  be made of 由...制作

  be neck and neck 与...齐头并进

  be open/closed at this time of day 一天中的这时候开/关着

  be terribly ill 生重病

  be the right size 尺寸合适

  be used for = used as 被用来做

  be widely used 得到广泛运用

  be worn out 被穿破, 累坏了

  be/feel worried about 对...担心

  become/be/feel interested in 对...感兴趣

  before the sun rose = before it was light 在日出前

  Best wishes (for...)! 谨祝...

  Better late than never. 亡羊补牢(犹未迟)

  break down (机器/车...)出故障

  business hours 营业时间

  by the end of 到...结束时

  by the way 顺便说说

  by then 到那时

  catch a bus 赶公车

  catch a cough /headache 患感冒/头痛

  catch up with 赶上

  change one's mind 改变主意

  Chinese take-aways 中餐/国外卖

  Christmas Day 圣诞日

  Classes are over at 5 课5点结束

  clothing shop 成衣店

  come / get back 回来

  Come along = come on. 快点

  come and meet sb. 来见某人

  come down/up the ladder 顺着楼梯下/上

  come round the corner 从(街)角拐了过来

  come round to dinner 过来(我家)吃饭

  come straight to ... 径直...到跟前

  come with me = follow me 跟我来

  Congratulations! (to sb. on sth.) 祝贺(某人某事)

  copy one's example 模仿某人(样子)

  cry harder and harder 哭得越来越凶

  cut down 砍倒

  Did you have a good journey? 你旅途愉快吗

  different kinds of 不同种类的

  do housework/homework 做家务

  do one's best 尽某人所能

  do the washing/shopping 洗洗涮涮

  do well in ...做得好

  Do you know the English for ...? 你知道...英语怎么说?

  Do you want a go? 你想试一试吗

  Don't crowd around sb. 别围观某人

  Don't worry. 别担心

  draw some pictures 画些图画

  dress up (in a red coat) 打扮好

  drop maths 数学没学好(drop)

  early in the morning 大清早

  ever since 自从

  every five minutes 每隔五分钟

  every time sb. ... 每 当某人...


  a bit expensive 有点贵

  a bottle/glass of 一瓶/杯

  a farm worker (=farmer) 农民

  a line of mountains 一条山脉

  a moment later 过了片刻

  a piece of bread 一块面包

  a quarter to/past six 六点差/过一刻

  a red-letter day 喜庆日子

  a telephone call for sb. 某人的电话

  above zero 零度以上

  agree with 同意某人

  all by oneself 全靠自己......

  a bit expensive 有点贵

  a bottle/glass of 一瓶/杯

  a farm worker (=farmer) 农民

  a line of mountains 一条山脉

  a moment later 过了片刻

  a piece of bread 一块面包

  a quarter to/past six 六点差/过一刻

  a red-letter day 喜庆日子

  a telephone call for sb. 某人的电话

  above zero 零度以上

  agree with 同意某人

  all by oneself 全靠自己

  all day 一整天

  all over the world 全世界

  all the afternoon 整个下午

  all the same 同样地,都一样

  all the time 一直

  almost the whole day 几乎一整天

  answer the telephone 接电话

  Are we all here? 我们都到齐了吗

  as quickly as you can (你要)尽可能快

  as soon as I can/as possible (我)尽可早

  as usual 与往常一样

  at a bad time of year 在年景不好时

  at first 起先

  at last 最后

  at noon 在中午

  at once 立即

  at one's workplace 在工地

  at school 在学校

  at the (third) crossing 在第三个路口

  at the back/front of the classroom 在教室的前/后头

  at the beginning of 在...伊始

  at the cinema 在电影院

  at the end of 在...结束时

  at the foot of 在...(山)脚下

  at the head of the queue(the first of queue) 在队伍的前头

  at the moment 在此刻

  at the same time 与时同时

  at the side of road 在路旁

  at this time of year 在一年中的这时候

  at times 不时

  at work 在上班


  1. It’s time for sth. 该到做某事的时间了.

  2. It’s time to do sth.(It’s time for sb./ to do sth.) 该到(某人)做某事的时间了.

  3. can’t wait to do sth. 迫不及待地要求做某事.

  4. ask (tell)sb. (not )to do sth . 请(告诉)某人(不)做某事.

  5. make/let sb. to do sth. 让某人做某事.

  6. hear/see/sb. do sth 听见/看见某人做某事.

  7. had better(not )do sth 最好不做某事.

  8. It’s better to do sth最好做某事

  9. It’s best to do sth最好做某事

  10. enjoy 喜欢做某事

  11. finish 结束做某事

  12. keep 继续做某事

  13. keep on doing sth. 继续做某事

  14. carry on 继续做某事

  15. go on 继续做某事

  16. feel like 喜欢做某事

  17. stop to do sth 与stop doing sth 停下来去做某事(与)停止做某事.

  18. forget/remember to do 与 forget/remember doing sth.忘记/记得去做某事(与) 忘记/记得曾经做过事.

  19. keep(precent,stop)sb. from doing sth阻止/防止/阻栏栽人做某事

  20. prefer….to ……喜欢…..胜过……

  21. prefer to do sth. rather than do ath.宁愿做某事,而不原做某事.

  22. used to do sth.过去常常做某事.

  23. What’s wong with……? …..出了问题(事)?

  24. have nothing to do with….. 与…..无关

  25. be busy doing sth . 在忙于做某事

  26. too…..to….. 太……以致知于不……

  27. so ……that ….. 如此….. 以致知于不……

  28. such…..that…… 如此….. 以致知于不……

  29. It take sb. some time to do sth .某人做某事用了一些时间.

  30. spend …..on sth.(doing sth.)花钱/时间做某事.

  31. pay…..for sth.花费(钱)买某物.

  32. What /how about……? …….怎么样(好吗)?

  33. would like to do sth .想要/愿意做某事..

  34. I don’t think that我认为……不…..

  35. Why not do sth.? Why don’t you do sth .?为什么不做某事呢?

  36. What do you mean by….?你….是什么意思?

  37. What do you think of …..(How do you like ….)你认为….怎么样?

  38. Mike enjoys collecting stamps . So do I.迈克喜欢集邮.我也也喜欢.

  39. The more, the better . 越多越剧好.

  40. Thanks for doing sth.谢谢你做了某事.

  41. It is said that….. 据说……

  42. (see 、hear 、notice 、find 、feel 、listen to 、 look at (感官动词)+ do

  eg :I like watching monkeys jump

  43. (比较级 and 比较级) 表示越来越怎么样

  44. a piece of cake =easy 小菜一碟(容易)

  45. agree with sb 赞成某人

  46. all kinds of 各种各样 a kind of 一样

  47. all over the world = the whole world 整个 世界

  48. along with 同……一道,伴随……

  eg : I will go along with you 我将和你一起去

  the students planted trees along with their teachers 学生同老师们一起种树

  49. As soon as 一怎么样就怎么样

  50. as you can see 你是知道的

  51. ask for ……求助 向…要…(直接接想要的东西) eg : ask you for my book

  52. ask sb for sth 向某人什么

  53. ask sb to do sth 询问某人某事 ask sb not to do 叫某人不要做某事

  54. at the age of 在……岁时 eg:I am sixteen I am at the age of sixteen

  55. at the beginning of …… ……的起初;……的开始

  56. at the end of +地点/+时间 最后;尽头;末尾 eg : At the end of the day

  57. at this time of year 在每年的这个时候

  58. be /feel confident of sth /that clause +从句 感觉/对什么有信心,自信

  eg : I am / feel confident of my spoken English I feel that I can pass the test

  59. be + doing 表:1 现在进行时 2 将来时

  60. be able to (+ v 原) = can (+ v 原) 能够…… eg : She is able to sing She can sing

  61. be able to do sth 能够干什么 eg :she is able to sing

  62. be afraid to do (of sth 恐惧,害怕…… eg : I'm afraed to go out at night I'm afraid of dog 22 be allowed to do 被允许做什么

  eg: I'm allowed to watch TV 我被允许看电视 I should be allowed to watch TV 我应该被允许看电视

  63. be angry with sb 生某人的气 eg : Don't be angry with me

  64. be angry with(at) sb for doing sth 为什么而生某人的气

  65. be as…原级…as 和什么一样 eg : She is as tall as me 她和我一样高

  66. be ashamed to

  67. be away from 远离

  68. be away from 从……离开

  69. be bad for 对什么有害 eg : Reading books in the sun is bad for your eyes 在太阳下看书对你的眼睛不好

  70. be born 出生于

  71. be busy doing sth 忙于做什么事 be busy with sth 忙于……

  72. be careful 当心;小心

  73. be different from…… 和什么不一样

  74. be famous for 以……著名

  75. be friendly to sb 对某人友好

  76. be from = come from 来自

  eg :He is from Bejing He comes from Bejing Is he from Bejing ? Does he come from Bejing ?

  77. be full of 装满……的 be filled with 充满 eg: the glass is full of water the glass is filled with water

  78. be glad+to+do/从句

  79. be going to + v(原) 将来时

  80. be good at(+doing) = do well in 在某方面善长, 善于……

  81. be good for 对什么有好处 eg : Reading aloud is good for your English

  82. be happy to do 很高兴做某事

  83. be helpful to sb 对某人有好处

  eg : Reading aloud is helpful to you 大声朗读对你有好处

  Exercising is helpful to your bady 锻炼对你的身体有好处

  84. be in good health 身体健康

  85. be in trouble 处于困难中 eg : She is in trouble They are in tronble

  86. be interested in 对某方面感兴趣

  87. be late for = come late to 迟到 eg: Be late for class 上课迟到

  88. be like 像…… eg : I'm like my mother

  89. be mad at 生某人的气

  90. be made from 由……制成(制成以后看不见原材料)

  91. be made of 由……制成(制成以后还看得见原材料)

  92. be not sure 表不确定

  93. be on a visit to 参观

  94. be popular with sb 受某人欢迎

  95. be quiet 安静



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