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  1.Stay away from Lynch.He’s a liar.You’ll be cheated if you don’t __________.

  A.break out       B.watch out

  C.take off D.set off

  解析:选B。句意:离林奇远点。他是个骗子。你要是不小心会被骗的。watch out注意,当心,符合句意。break out突发,爆发;take off起飞;set off出发,动身。

  2.The top leaders of the two countries are holding talks in a friendly__________.

  A.atmosphere B.state

  C.situation D.phenomenon


  3.The woman’s illness __________ all the doctors in this hospital;they couldn’t find the cause.

  A.prevented B.puzzled

  C.exhausted D.consulted


  4.There was a __________ quarrel between the husband and the wife;after that the wife left home and never came back.

  A.sensitive B.serious

  C.violent D.strict


  5.Though most people know that smoking __________ the risk of cancer,it is still hard for them to give it up.

  A.multiplies B.adds

  C.combines D.gains


  6.—What are the differences between the American and British __________ of government?

  —You can find the answer on the Internet.

  A.design B.theory

  C.system D.mass


  7.The news that a jet __________ Russian mountains killing 88 was one of the worst things I have known in the past five years.

  A.crashed down B.crashed into

  C.met with D.came across

  解析:选B。考查动词短语辨析。句意:那个飞机撞到俄罗斯山上导致88人死亡的新闻是我五年来所听到的最糟糕的事情之一。crash down意为“撞倒”;crash into意为“撞上”;meet with意为“遇到”;come across意为“遇到”。因此答案应选B。

  8.I’m planning to hold a party in the open air,but I can make no guarantees because it __________ the weather.

  A.links with B.depends on

  C.connects to D.decides on

  解析:选B。考查动词短语辨析。link with联系着;depend on依赖;connect to连接;decide on决定。由题意不难推出答案为B。句意:我计划举行一次露天聚会,但是我不敢保证,因为这要取决于天气。

  9.Alice read the letter with a __________ expression on her face,not knowing who sent it to her.

  A.crowded B.puzzled

  C.satisfactory D.pleasant


  10.The special building in the middle of the square is the oldest wooden building __________.

  A.in existence B.in silence

  C.in safety D.in need

  解析:选A。考查介词短语辨析。句意:广场中央的那座特殊的建筑物是现存最古老的木造建筑。in existence是指“现存,存在”;in silence是指“保持安静“;in safety是指“处于安全中”;in need是指“需要”。因此根据句意,答案选A。


  1.So ________________(地震如此猛烈)that people didn’t escape before they realized it.(violent)


  答案:violent was the earthquake

  2.It was at the very beginning that she made the decision ________________(我们派遣)more firefighters there.(send)


  答案:that we should send

  3.________________(我们应该制定一项计划)to deal with the present serious situation is important.(work)

  解析:考查主语从句。分析句式可知本题是主语从句,从句句子成分完整,故用that引导;由短语work out可知答案。

  答案:That we should work out a plan

  4.It was James Watt’s observation of steam from a kettle ________________(产生)the idea of the steam engine.(birth)

  解析:考查强调句型。由短语give birth to可知答案。

  答案:that gave birth to

  5.Whether life will continue on the earth for millions of years to come will depend on ________________(是否能解决这一问题).(solve)

  解析:考查宾语从句。“能解决问题”应表达为problem can be solved,本句的引导词要用whether。

  答案:whether this problem can be solved

  6.People in Chongqing are proud of ________________(他们所取得的成就)in the past ten years.(achieve)

  解析:考查宾语从句。根据句法可知引导词应为what,由in the past ten years可知动词时态要用现在完成时。

  答案:what they have achieved

  7.I was ________________(拜访他)last Wednesday but I had an unexpected visitor.(see)

  解析:考查虚拟语气。be to have done意为“本来计划要做某事而实际未做”。

  答案:to have seen him

  8.All those second-hand goods are sold ________________(以低于30%的价格) than before.(low)

  解析:考查比较级及其程度语。“以……价格”应表达为at a price,“较低的”应为lower,程度上的修饰语30%应放在lower之前。

  答案:at 30% lower price

  9.News came from the school office ________________(她已被录取) Beijing University.(admit)

  解析:考查同位语从句。“她已被录取”应表达为she had been admitted to;that引导从句作news的同位语。

  答案:that she had been admitted to

  10.An air France jet is reported ________________(坠落)in the Atlantic Ocean with 228 people aboard,the airline’s worst disaster in its 75-year history.

  解析:考查非谓语结构。be reported to have done意为“据报道做过了某事”。

  答案:to have crashed


  Words:360 难度系数:☆☆ 建议用时:12′

  (2011年山西五校联考)As a music teacher,I have always known that music touches the soul.It can__1__all kinds of barriers to reach students in a very special way.It can be the__2__for each child to find their light.I would like to__3__a story about it.

  For a few years I was__4__with the opportunity to teach disabled students.One of my most__5__students was a five-year-old girl called Vanessa,who had difficulty walking,and could not speak.We__6__sat on the floor for our music lessons and Vanessa liked to__7__on my lap(大腿).One of her favorite songs was John the Rabbit.It was a call and response song where I sang the call and the students__8__twice while singing the repeating phrase,“Oh,yes!”Vanessa liked to__9__her hands together with mine and clap with me.We probably performed that song during every class,Vanessa and I clapping together.But she__10__said or sang a word.

  One day,when the song was finished,Vanessa turned around,__11__me in the eye,clapped her tiny hands twice and said the words“Oh,yes!”I opened my mouth in__12__and for that moment I was the one who could not speak.When my heart__13__started beating again,I looked over at the assistant teacher to find her also__14__.Through music,we had made an awesome connection.

  Several years later,I met Vanessa on the street in town.She waved with a big__15__on her face and then clapped her hands twice,imitating the song we had__16__ so many times in our music class.The little girl,__17__her connection with music,left an impression on me that will last forever.Every child has the__18__to learn and grow.It is up to us to__19__the way to reach each and every one of our students.We all must find each child’s__20__.

  【解题导语】 音乐能够触及人的心灵,创造奇迹。

  1.A.get across B.put away C.take over D.break through

  解析:选D。它能用一种特殊的方式突破各种障碍直击学生的心灵。get across被理解,把……讲清楚;put away将……收起,积蓄;take over接替,控制;break through突破,克服(障碍等)。

  2.A.means B.direction

  C.process D.effort


  3.A.add B.talk

  C.share D.write


  4.A.blessed B.tired

  C.covered D.filled

  解析:选A。在过去的一些年中,我曾经有机会教残疾孩子。be blessed with享有(幸福等),具有。

  5.A.troublesome B.hardworking

  C.memorable D.sensitive


  6.A.most B.almost

  C.nearly D.mostly


  7.A.stand B.sit

  C.lie D.jump

  解析:选B。联系上文“who had difficulty walking”可知这个小女孩是坐在我的大腿上的。

  8.A.sang B.said

  C.followed D.clapped

  解析:选D。从下文“clap with me”可知答案,clap意为“拍手”。

  9.A.strike B.put

  C.give D.shake


  10.A.ever B.never

  C.still D.even


  11.A.looked B.saw

  C.glared D.noticed

  解析:选A。Vanessa转过身,直视着我的眼睛。look sb.in the eye直视某人的眼睛。

  12.A.horror B.delight

  C.astonishment D.embarrassment


  13.A.immediately B.fortunately

  C.slowly D.finally


  14.A.happy B.grateful

  C.speechless D.hopeless


  15.A.greeting B.smile

  C.expression D.sign


  16.A.performed B.operated

  C.trained D.organized


  17.A.upon B.through

  C.from D.beyond

  解析:选B。联系上文“Through music”可知答案。

  18.A.standard B.ability

  C.plan D.necessity


  19.A.discover B.invent

  C.test D.make


  20.A.virtue B.dream

  C.light D.rhythm

  解析:选C。我们都必须找到每个孩子的亮点,这句话和第一段中的“It can be...find their light.”相照应。


  Words:652 难度系数:☆☆ 建议用时:7′

  (2011年太原质量检查)BELIEVE it or not,the color of the tie Barack Obama wore to the inauguration(就职典礼)is now a hotly debated topic.The level of public interest in Obama’s tie might seem strange but many people believe his choice will symbolize the type of government he plans to run,as the color of a politician’s tie is thought to convey ideas of power,trustworthiness and more.

  Polities of ties

  It may be the least practical item of male dress,but it is arguably the most expressive.In the UK and many other coun-tries around the world,conservative (保守的) politicians may wear a blue tie and their liberal opponents a red one.In America,the colors go the other way round.The Republicans have in recent years become associated with the color red,and the Democrats with blue.But in spite of this,Bush wears blue ties more often than any other color.

  What they mean

  According to Sharon Haver,editor of focusonstyle.com,in America the feelings associated with colors overrule their political significance.“A guy who wants to be regarded as strong and in charge would wear red,”Haver says.Unsurprisingly,the business tycoon Donald Trump is known for wearing red ties.But what about blue?According to Haver,“Blue is a softer color...Look at the sky.It’s peaceful and calm and trustworthy.”

  Selecting the right tie for the right occasion

  ●Perfect job interview tie

  Perhaps no other tie-wearing occasion is as important as the job interview.Gilchrist,the fashion expert,advises playing it safe and choosing a conservative one.Best choices are solids,stripes or small patterns.An excellent color is burgundy(深红色) or another serious color.Avoid pink or yellow,which suggests that the wearer lacks gravity.

  Pattern ties,Gilchrist suggests,should be limited to a maximum of three colors.A striped tie is a safe choice as this is acceptable to everyone.Last,Gilchrist recommends saving the expensive“hip”tie for those applying for glamorous creative jobs.

  ●Date-night tie

  When picking out the right tie for taking a girl out on a date,spend more time considering color than pattern.According to studies,women are attracted to men wearing the color blue,because blue gives the image of a“stable,faithful,constant,always there”person.So what is the worst color to wear on a date?“Flattened caterpillar(毛虫)yellow-green,”according to Gilchrist,“it will repel both sexes equally.”

  【解题导语】 美国总统奥巴马在就职典礼上打的领带的颜色成为人们议论的焦点,因为其领带的颜色代表了他执政的风格。本文探讨政治家们喜好的领带的颜色与其政治风格的关系,以及人们在不同场合该选择什么样的领带。

  1.Why are people interested in the tie that Obama wore to the inauguration?

  A.Because they think the tie he wore will enable them to know about his personalities and policies.

  B.Because they want to advise him how to select an appropriate tie for such a big occasion.

  C.Because they think the tie will tell if he is trustworthy as they expected when he assumes office.

  D.Because they believe the tie is an essential part of dressing to a mature politician like Obama.


  2.What can we infer about Bush,the former president,from the passage?

  A.He was probably liberal in his policies when he was in power.

  B.He was a Republican when he served as president.

  C.He wore only blue ties and had no ties of alternative colors.

  D.He wanted to make himself unique by the tie that he wore.


  3.The example of“the business tycoon Donald Trump” is given to __________.

  A.prove that color reflects people’s feelings to a certain degree

  B.show that Donald is so wealthy that he can afford expensive ties

  C.tell that Donald is physically strong and can handle everything

  D.explain that red is a popular color,especially with businessmen

  解析:选A。考查推理判断。第三段说,希望被人视为强者和决策者的人喜欢打红色领带,商业巨头Donald Trump喜欢打红色领带。作者提到这个例子是为了佐证前面提到的观点,即颜色表达的情感压倒了其政治意义,因此选A。

  4.Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the text?

  A.Ties can be ignored by politicians since they are the least practical item of male dress.

  B.Do choose ties carefully before dating,because it is the most important occasion.

  C.Why to avoid pink or yellow ties in job interviews is that they don’t match the atmosphere.

  D.The more colorful the tie is,the more likely you’ll get the job you want.

  解析:选C。考查推理判断。全文介绍了领带的颜色与政治家们的主张与行为之间的联系,可见领带对政治家们的重要性,因此A项错误;最后部分谈到求职面试和男女约会时如何选领带,说找工作的面试是最重要的场合,因此B项错误,此时应该选用代表严肃的颜色,因此D项错误,从Perfect job interview tie中的叙述可知C项正确。



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